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29/05/2016 21:08:56
29/05/2016 20:50:39
гЃѕ Here's a photo of me playing on the back end of one of the smaller waves! (I reckon it could be good again tomorrow?) For registered users you can click on their name to see their profile (in the left of the screen)
Didn't have anything called "edit settings". Just "edit preferences" and "edit profile". I've now reset it to what I had originally, which is to point to my picture URL from both, and I guess will only get the 10x10 pixel image of my first attempt. I think somebody posted the solution to this, but I can't find it again. OK done the profile thingy but struggling with the picture, can't decide between the one of me getting trashed on the Ubaye or drunk as a skunk in a cafe in Argentiere! Both are outa focus anyway......... :)
гЃ® гЃ› Steve
Will "I wear Acuvue daily disposables, and I also always open my eyes when rolling - river or pool. I haven't lost a single lens while paddling since I changed to
It certainly makes a change from my usual South Wales rivers! hf е№ё
Rory I got mine last summer after I parted company with my Method Air in the Alps.

Mark Rainsley
29/05/2016 20:50:39
г‚­ гЃЇ SSSsshhhhh!!!!
17% makes a BIIIIIIG difference when comparing boats from the spec sheets alone. An article by this title was published in 'Canoeist' this month, written by Marc Musgrove.
г‚“ I've lost a couple (always left eye) in surf but none on rivers. Cheers
Steve B. Hi Mark!
FYI you can now get demo boats out at a lot of the retailers. I came to my decision on what I wanted after spending a little cash on demo boats both at AS on the Dart and also at Tryweryn. Went with a couple of others and shared the demo boats around so that we all managed to try a few out and it was a bit cheaper. Hope you find what you are after.
im shure thers better though гЃ™ гЃ№
I seem to be the opposite of most people - I always keep my eyes shut and can't imagine opening them, it hurts underwater.... 1.30 am!! don't you ever sleep?

HTH Cheers
29/05/2016 20:28:47
дѕ‘ Thanks How about:
е®љ гЃ› If you want to do moving water star tests, then 4* is the place to be. You have been told.
31 Ina Zone 240 sport Ex Nookie, as new Anyone know the situation for the Dart? Have all the tickets gone or am I wrong?
The Etive in Scotland is another River I would include in a top three!! Robert дѕ‘
Met a party that had run the Walkham - which sounded as though this would have been another (and perhaps more interesting) alternative? - any views just in case we get another weekend like that! Have fun!

is it cool that when ever someone mentions the name of a river, they always put a referance to ure book?? ive got the book and lets face it - for the welsh paddler, the two classic books r ures and of course nealy's book To add/edit your profile register and then on the message list page there is a link on the top left to something like 'My Control Centre' and then there is a link to Edit your profile.
29/05/2016 20:13:05
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29/05/2016 16:34:59
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